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"I am delighted to endorse Stephanie Lynch for her re-election bid for City Council. Stephanie is a tireless advocate for her constituents and a fierce voice in the cause of social justice and equity. Her leadership--especially as the City experiences transformative change--is vital and inspiring." 

Ghazala Hashmi: State Senator, 10th District

"I have been impressed by Stephanie Lynch's responsiveness to her 5th district constituents during her service as Councilwoman. She brings much needed positive energy and a vision for the future to the City Council. I appreciate her continual presence in the community and look forward to our continued work together."


Betsy Carr: State Delegate, 69th District

"Stephanie has proven herself over this past year to be a tireless advocate for the people of the 5th District, and a bold leader for Richmond. She has been a great partner in the fight to promote equity, opportunity, and justice in our city, and I am proud to support her for re-election.”


Jeff Bourne: State Delegate, 71st District

Sierra Club


"We value Stephanie's dedication to the protection of our natural resources and commitment to environmental justice in the City of Richmond. We are confident that she will safeguard our human environment as well as the quality of our land, water, air and our climate."

Richmond Building & Construction Trades Council

"Stephanie is a friend of Labor. She earned our endorsement for supporting; Responsible Bidder Ordinances, Project Labor Agreements, Prevailing Wage, and accurately defining Wage Theft as predatory behavior." 

Richmond Crusade for Voters


"Stephanie has a commitment to police and criminal justice reform; social justice; affordable housing and hindering gentrification in Black neighborhoods; fostering jobs and economic parity for African Americans; and a strong commitment to a higher quality of education and achievement for Virginia’s school children." 

Laborers International Union of North America (LiUNA)


“In these challenging times, it is imperative that workers in Richmond have a fighter representing them on Council. We proudly endorse Stephanie Lynch. She has a proven record of advocacy and she will fight to create quality jobs and protect the ones we have. Stephanie will always take the side of workers over special interests.”

New Virginia Majority


“From our current housing crisis to the criminal justice system, you only have to look at what's happening in our neighborhoods to see that the current system is not working for all of us. We need partners like Stephanie Lynch in elected office so that we can build a new system that doesn't leave out, silence or ignore the most vulnerable among us.”

Mid-Atlantic Pipe Trades Association


“Now more than ever we need elected leaders that are committed to promoting the good wages, worksite safety, and quality healthcare provided by union jobs. Our members work hard day in and day out. They need an advocate on Council, and Councilwoman Lynch has been and will continue to be that advocate."

Service Employees International Union


"Councilwoman Lynch has made it clear that standing up for Richmond working families is her top priority, so SEIU’s frontline public service and Home Care workers are proud to stand with her in this crucial election and beyond. We look forward to partnering with Stephanie to ensure working people in Richmond are given the opportunity to have good union jobs with family-sustaining wages, affordable health care and collective bargaining rights.”

IBEW Local 666 (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)


"IBEW 666 has endorsed Councilmember Lynch for her support of Responsible Bidder Ordinances, Project Labor Agreements and Prevailing Wage.  City of Richmond projects should include family sustaining wages and benefits for the workers so that all of Richmond’s citizens prosper. We look forward to her continued work on behalf of the citizens of Richmond on Council."

“Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch brings hope to the 5th District and RVA. Her energy and tremendous compassion for our under-served neighborhoods and strong advocacy for our schools is just what we need. I admire her ability to be inclusive of diversity and her ability to work professionally with others on any issue. I love her stance on justice and her willingness to work towards a good Community and Police relationship.”

Robin Mines,  Pastor at Hood Temple AME Zion Church

“Her leadership in 2020 will be more important than ever. Our schools deserve her continued support on City Council. The field is coalescing around Stephanie once again – that is a testament to her hard work and dedication to the citizens of Richmond.”


Graham Sturm ,  Richmond Public School Teacher

“I’m so proud of the job my friend Stephanie has done since taking office in December. She’s shown great judgment in sketching out a better path for downtown development and protecting vital city services in the budget. She’s taken bold and correct stances for racial justice and police accountability. In a short period of time, she’s learned City Hall and how to drive change within it. I can’t wait to see what she can accomplish in a full four-year term. Above all, Stephanie has a heart for people and for building inclusive communities in which everyone is valued and can thrive. That’s why I’m enthusiastically supporting Stephanie’s re-election campaign, and encouraging all my friends and neighbors in the 5th District to do the same.”


Thad Williamson,  University of Richmond professor and former director of Richmond's Office of Community Wealth Building

"When I'm not serving as President of the Randolph Neighborhood Association, I am active every day in our Community. I know how important it is that we have representatives on City Council who are engaged, responsive, and committed to listening to the needs of every day citizens. Stephanie has done all of those things and more as our 5th City Councilperson, and that is why I am proud to endorse her."

Latasha Wyche: Randolph Neighborhood Association President

"Stephanie Lynch has proven herself a tireless advocate, a bold leader and a progressive partner. For the 5th district, the choice is obvious: Stephanie Lynch."

Conor Shapiro: Friends of Byrd Park President 

"Councilwoman Lynch hits the street to learn the issues our community faces.  She has shown us dedication by splitting her attention between big, Citywide issues, and our small everyday issues right down the block.  I look forward to seeing what she can accomplish next."

Zeke Brody: Carillon Neighborhood Resident 

"Stepanie has continued the competent and responsive leadership that Maymont and Riverview neighbors have come to expect from their 5th District Council representative. Stephanie has been honest, direct and accessible to the folks in our neighborhood."

Mark Brandon: Maymont Civic League President

"As the PTA President of John B.Cary Elementary School, I would like to thank Stephanie for always showing up and supporting us as our 5th District Councilmember. Stephanie provided support to many events inclusive of our Veterans Day celebration and our Black Lives Matter event that was sponsored to bring communities together during times when all leaders were needed. I thank Stephanie for all her support and I will continue to support her efforts to build communities in Richmond. Stephanie has my support."

Timika Vincent: John B. Cary Elementary School PTA President 

"As a long time resident of the 5th District I have experienced many council representatives over the past 20-plus years. There has been a lot of change and growth for all the neighborhoods in the 5th District. A strong councilperson is the key to continued success for us as residents and businesses. I believe Stephanie is the best qualified candidate to continue as Councilperson in the 5th as she understands what makes our district unique. Stephanie is always available to listen and recognizes that our strength is in our diversity. She works hard to represent everyone‘s interests in a district where often business and residential concerns may differ. Stephanie has been instrumental in providing funding for small businesses impacted by covid, and Stephanie believes in Vision Zero and working for the safety of all our citizens."

Kevin Daley: Uptown Neighborhood Association President, Business Owner, 5th District Resident

"Stephanie Lynch has been a very competent leader for the fifth district. She has stood like a rock for our historic neighborhood against very challenging city initiatives. I’ve already voted for her and believe strongly that she is the best choice for City Council." 

Todd Woodson: President of the Oregon Hill Neighborhood Association

"As a business owner in Carytown in these crazy times, I am looking for every bit of help and support from our local government. Having met Stephanie last year and seeing her level of engagement with the Carytown Merchants Association has given me confidence, and I feel that she genuinely wants to help small local businesses. In her I see a fighting advocate for the welfare of the local RVA community. That's why I've decided to support her in this upcoming election for City Council. Good luck Stephanie"

Kamran Shaikh: Owner of T-Shirt Studio RVA, Former President of the Carytown Merchants Association

"Hard work, commitment, thoughtfulness, listening, and a focus on both getting the basics right while striving for innovation and excellence are what come to mind when I think of Stephanie Lynch. I have known Stephanie for years through professional, civic, and volunteer work--and she's a dear friend. I'm proud to support her re-election to Richmond City Council."

Mark Hickman: Richmond Clean City Commission, 5th District Representative, Byrd Park Civic League, Parks and Safety Chair

"I'm voting for Stephanie because I want Richmond to be a place where every resident feels safe and secure in their home. We can't feel safe and secure if we can't find an affordable place to live, or if we fear being evicted. I trust Stephanie to lead the way in lowering Richmond's eviction rates and helping to create more opportunities for all Richmonders to have comfortable homes we can afford, whether we rent or buy."

Christie Marra: 5th District Woodland Park Resident 

"Stephanie has a true passion and dedication to our community as a leader from residents to businesses. She has been instrumental to our work in Carytown, working on beautification and bringing the community together with everything in-between. Her work during the pandemic and moving us forward together has made a huge difference already, and we are excited to see her plans for the next term!"

Amanda Slone: Owner of Beasties in Carytown, Business Leader

“I support Stephanie Lynch because she will work to create sustainable and equitable solutions to the dual threats to our communities from environmental and economic injustice.”

Lee Williams: Environmental Justice Advocate, Co-Chair of Green New Deal Virginia, Maymont Resident

"Stephanie Lynch loves Richmond, and most of she loves the 5th District. Since she has been in office she has done great things for the community. She continues to support the students at George Wythe High School. Stephanie has worked with the students while participating in their monthly "Litter Pickup Project" and "Safe Driving Awareness" campaigns. She took time out of her business schedule to meet and have lunch with ten of George Wythe students to hear their concerns. Meeting with our students made me see she totally cares and wants to connect with our school and students."

Angela Moore: English Department Chair, George Wythe High School 

"I fully support Stephanie Lynch for her re-election to City Council. She has taken such a positive and active role in our community here in Byrd Park. She's held meetings to hear resident feedback, she's participated in neighborhood clean ups, and I've even seen and talked with her just walking the neighborhood streets to be helpful where she can. You can tell she's working very hard for the community and I'm excited to see what she'll do with a full term!"

Paul Serignese: Byrd Park Civic League President