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"My name is Sheila Bynum Coleman and I am running in the 66th House District against the Republican Speaker of the House in what is a critical race to take the majority in the House of Delegates.

I am mother of five, an ardent advocate for sensible gun reform, affordable housing, healthcare access, and disability rights. I am supporting Stephanie Lynch for the 5th District City Council race because I understand that having compassionate and effective leaders like Stephanie at the local level is just as important as having those leaders at the state level.

I have seen Stephanie in action as an advocate in the General Assembly, and I know that she has the experience, guts, and heart to make a significant impact in the Richmond community. She stands ready to collaborate with other Richmond leaders to deliver funding for our schools, support for our teachers, and to strengthen regional economic development so that all of our communities can grow to their fullest potential without leaving anyone behind. I would urge all of my Richmond friends to vote for Stephanie Lynch this November 5th, and help make history by electing the first woman in the 5th District."

Sheila Bynum-Coleman: Democratic Candidate for the 66th House of Delegates District

"We are invigorated by interest shown in the 5th District City Council race, which has drawn seven interesting and viable candidates seeking to serve the remainder of Councilman Parker C. Agelasto’s term through December 2020.

We endorse Stephanie Lynch in the contest.

While Ms. Lynch is a political newcomer, we believe she has the energy, skill and commitment to make a difference not only in the 5th District, but for the city as a whole.

A social worker by training, Ms. Lynch has experience working with people with great needs and understanding the critical role of government and government funding in serving and making a difference in the lives of people.

As director of strategy, development and government affairs at an agency that provides an array of services to those with mental health and developmental disabilities, she also understands budgets, competing priorities, quality service delivery, coalition building and the importance of transparency, all of which are key to serving successfully on City Council.

She is committed to expanding funding for Richmond Public Schools to address equity issues such as a new George Wythe High School and programs to give students options and skill sets for success after graduation; helping to ensure that public housing residents and “legacy” homeowners in Richmond neighborhoods aren’t displaced; and expanding public transit service so that Richmond residents can get to jobs in the counties.

Ms. Lynch also noted that should a vote on the Coliseum replacement project be taken today, she would vote against it because of the long-term indebtedness it would bring to city taxpayers and because a public survey she has taken shows a majority of those she would represent on City Council are opposed to it.

She also believes the Confederate monuments in Richmond are not “beacons and symbols we want” for our city, and should be removed.

While the term of the next 5th District council repre- sentative would be only 13 months, we believe Ms. Lynch has the ability to make a positive impact during that short time. We also hope that she would add to her advisory team Henry W. “Chuck” Richardson, whose institutional knowledge and intrepid style would be an asset in moving the city forward."

The Richmond Free Press


"As a teacher, and as a Delegate, I know how important it is that we elect people who will be advocates for universal access to quality public education. I am proud to endorse Stephanie because I’ve seen her be an advocate in the General Assembly for increased resources, equity, and support for our Public Schools. We can’t achieve those goals without effective partners at the local level, and I know she will continue that important work on City Council."
Delegate Schuyler VanValkenburg, Delegate for the 72nd District, and High School Civics Teacher at Glen Allen High School


"I am excited to endorse Stephanie to be our 5th District City Councilwoman. Stephanie is an experienced woman leader who is committed to working together to find equitable solutions to the problems that confront our city. She will take on the tough issues, ask the hard questions and represent the voices of us, her constituents, and get the job done!"
Sue Patow: 5th District Fan Resident


"Hard work, commitment, thoughtfulness, listening, and a focus on both getting the basics right while striving for innovation and excellence are what come to mind when I think of Stephanie Lynch. I have known Stephanie for years through professional, civic, and volunteer work--and she's a dear friend. I'm proud to support her for Richmond City Council."
Mark Hickman, Richmond Clean City Commission, 5th District Representative, Byrd Park Civic League, Board Member and Crime Prevention Chair, 5th District Resident

"Stephanie has been actively engaged in the community and making a positive impact for the ten years that I have known her. She has also made a very positive impact on my own life. Stephanie is one of the most capable people I have ever met. Kelsey and I can’t think of a better person to be on the city council!"
Ana Cruz & Kelsey Rusnak: Southside Residents


"Stephanie Lynch is the best candidate to follow in the footsteps of Parker Agelasto's example of good work and neighborhood involvement. She will be a strong and independent voice for the 5th!"
Mark Brandon, President of the Maymont Civic League, Past President & Board Member of the Uptown Association, 5th District Resident


"I am supporting Stephanie because I believe she will be a strong voice for our community. As a foster parent, I appreciate the work she's done to improve the foster care system - both in the City of Richmond and across the Commonwealth. I know that - as our city councilor - she'll listen to our concerns, and continue to advocate for children and families in all corners of the district."
Audra Grassia: 5th District Reedy Creek Resident


“As a friend and colleague of Stephanie’s, I’ve watched her in action as she’s taken on some of our system’s greatest challenges, simply because it was the right thing to do. Not only will she bring a new generation of leadership to Council, but I trust she will bring that same commitment to justice and tenacity for getting things done in the 5th.”
Elizabeth Parker: 5th District Carytown Resident

"When I'm not serving as President of the Randolph Neighborhood Association, I am active every day in our Community. I know how important it is that we have representatives on City Council who are engaged, responsive, and committed to listening to the needs of every day citizens. I know that Stephanie will be all of those things and more as our next 5th City Councilperson, and that is why I am proud to endorse her."
Latasha Wyche, Randolph Neighborhood Association President, 5th District Resident