my top priorities on day one

The 5th District is an amazing place to live, work and play- but there is still so much progress left to be made for our schools, our public transportation and infrastructure, in our city hall and permitting processes, and so many other basic facets of city government that we’ve spent far too long studying and talking about.

Working to promote greater transparency and trust in city government

This means holding the city accountable for its promises, asking tough questions, and measuring our success against what has made a true and tangible impact for city residents. We need to renew our commitment to engaging with people first, before decisions are made.

Ensuring that city dollars are spent wisely and that Richmond is getting its fair share out of the Virginia budget

Raising taxes and increasing the cost of living for Richmonders cannot and should not be the fix to all that ails us. We have to be strategic and make sure we continue to create efficiencies on the local level while also pushing for policies on the state level, that will bring resources back home and leave Richmond in a better place for future generations.

Working with the School Board, community partners and city agencies to identifyholistic solutions to fixing our schools

We need to create a culture of support for our teachers, students and families by implementing trauma-informed school-based health centers, establishing an empowered and permanent teacher advisory committee, and creating intentional opportunities for teacher learning collaboratives.

Ensuring green and inclusive development in Richmond City

Supporting efforts to ‘green and clean’ Richmond city by fully funding efforts that will yield a true return on investment for both the environment and our economy. These include supporting citizen recommendations for the James River Master Plan, maximizing solar opportunities in ‘brownfields’, or unusable land and increasing street, gutter and sewer cleanings for the health of our roads, rivers and oceans. We must also invest in a holistic approach to our transportation infrastructure, one that prioritizes and fully funds public transportation, protects pedestrians, and ensures smart road management that makes every mode of transportation safe and accessible.

Fully supporting measures to prevent and decrease gun violence, particularly in trauma-impacted communities

I live four blocks away from Carter Jones park where the Dickson family tragically lost their daughter to crossfire.
We can and should fund cameras in parks, and other community safety and prevention efforts.